Learn how to hang wallpaper the right way with our helpful tips and tricks. That way, you can hang a full length from the ceiling to the top of the skirting-board. As walls and corners aren't often straight, don't rely on them as a guide when you hang paper. Check out our guide to selecting the perfect wallpaper for your style, budget, and room, and even figure out how much to purchase with our wallpaper estimator. This is also the case with wallpaper hanging. Excellent Paint Finish & Reliable The Best Techniques for Hanging Wallpaper Line a room with wallpaper and you have instant decoration. You will also need a table to work on, a ladder or step stool and a water tray for pre pasted paper or wallpaper paste and a brush for  unpasted paper. The term probably originated on ITS, where the commands to begin and end transcript files were “:WALBEG” and “:WALEND”, with default file “WALL PAPER” the space was a path delimiter. Let our experts help!

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