Enter John Gregoras, a pro paper hanger from comers, New York, with nearly two decades' experience. Gail Users: Make Sure You Receive Your Newsletter! Next make a diagonal cut a biter cut at 45° in your wallpaper at the corner of your door or window. We cover all aspects of wallpaper hanging from pepping the wall through papering the light-switch covers. Preps before wallpapering a very important to ensure the proper hanging and long life of a wallpapered surface. From blah to bold in a matter of hours, paper can push boundaries beyond what paint can do. Once wallpaper and adhesive residue is removed using moisture or chemical agents, the wall should be sanded smooth, patched as necessary and primed with a wallpapering primer for proper adhesion. Wallpaper is a great way to create a big impact in both small spaces and large rooms. We can't wait to entertain our friends in the “like new” house.” - Becky D.

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